Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slowing down

Having gone to virginia and climbed on some fantastic sandstone I overdid it with two 3-day-on sessions on sweaty rock and tweaked my left elbow. It felt worse than font elbow ever has, aching quite piercingly for several days after i had finished climbing. So it is useful to come home with less time on my hands and facing into a warm wet summer when bouldering can take a backseat. I suspect i might still attend the coop at least once a week and hopefully get outdoors a couple of times a week but i do not aim to stay strong over the summer instead i will "rest" for the summer and hopefully iron out any tweaks without losing my baseline tendon strength, then hit the coop running in september so as to be ready for some form of autumn Font trip.

Got up to scalp for an hour. There is more there than i have previously acknowledged but the rock often leaves me cold. Useful distance.

Need to get back to hollywood.

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