Monday, October 5, 2009

Moon man

Was all set for a rest day but the weather earlier had me textin bray to be ready with bikes in car at 4.15, worked a treat, at ruins by 5.10 despite banana stop. Guy manning barrier even on a monday. Midge were out in force. Of note was hitting final hold of superstars, should have held it. only got that high once but felt very comfortable several times, skin on left hold remarkably never really an issue. must remember to stay low on left hold before reaching for the rh hold. very pleased if a little annoyed i didn't just close it out. rails ss felt real smooth. headed cross river and big jim was just turning mint in the cooling air. did the eliminate corner, felt lovely. andys felt sore on lh. lovely evening, cycled out in the dark, bright enought to climb until half 7. possibly first good friction session of season, still awaiting first scalp of note.

Am currently 75kg. Was 72.5kg in March. Aim to be back to that for Font.