Monday, January 2, 2012

the doldrums

i didn't quite realise what a climbing backwater brighton was until now. In researching to come here I found two new climbing centres in the pipeline and I thought great but somewhere along the line that pipeline's got clogged and there's radio silence on when they're actually going to start building. so in the short term i'm a little fucked. Font in less than two months and all i've got is a chin up bar.


  1. might be of interest so. You should start a small coop.

  2. I had to train in Glendo yesterday it was very hard! Davos right start a coop.

  3. No dice, one of the centres is a dedicated bouldering wall so to try and start a coop now would be pointless. it'll be grand in the long run just this trip i've already got my excuse lined up.