Thursday, February 16, 2012

floodlit climbing

headed up to the sandstone hopefully on a clear blue day and ended up touring damp crags. brighton seems to maintain quite the micro climate and is little indicator of what's going on weather wise north of the downs. Last week there were days when there was a temperature difference of 5 'C in the space of 10 miles. Anyway ended up joining a climbing wall angrily, evolution wall, it seemed to make sense at the time but I'll hopefully never climb there again as its a stone's throw from the sandstone.

After being very pleased finding the little beach wall it promptly turned too cold to use for the last week which was quite frustrating. Got down again this evening for a session, it was a little deflating. Much as I am talking myself down now I know I'm still gonna be deeply pissed when I can't get off the ground on familiar lines.

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  1. If you know you are going to be annoyed when you fail on stuff you have done before why don't you not try stuff you have before.