Sunday, March 14, 2010

some dice

down to glendo for an early session with bike in back. started well getting rails and egg mantle. tried egg ss for first time in a while and managed to get into position to snatch for rib but not very convincingly, poor concentration generally. pascals went as badly as ever. watched dec repeatedly cruise the move through the undercut which he did going left up and moving right straight thru to break. rang tim for his beta which is to also go left up but then match and move thru. broke down the moves into variations and found each and every one too powerful for me sparking a thought process on how much weight i'd need to lose to be able to contemplate them. will still try it but need to see noticeable improvement on other problems before i can seriously expect to get it. up to chillax then and got the leftwards version comfortably enough, all about a solid heel. looked at project(?) behind chillax, very hard. up to fin suntrap, very comfortable with launch but hand was sliding down the hold. despite pascals felt generally good today, stronger than of late.

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