Sunday, January 9, 2011


Was up and moving nice and early on sunday beautiful crisp day. picked up bray and headed for glenmac. road was icy enough at height to do a handbraker whilst driving past the waterfall car park, turned thru about 200' and slid off the road into the car park, never gets old.

ground was nicely frozen on the walk in but the boulders had frost hats and the sun was melting them. unfortunately only faces in the sun were dry everything else was skank. got to play on rasher, could hold first hold of steep face but no more, pleasing enough. got tombstone arete, dice boulders were a write off so we headed for solidarity. did arete between dice and tombstone which i hadn't tried in years. solidarity had a river running through the key foothold which was very frustrating. finished again on the s&l boulders with similar success levels to previously. good weekends efforts.

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