Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lough Bray lamper

Headed down with davo and bray relatively late (7ish). Beautiful night, enough light from the moon to walk by if one felt so inclined. Dead still and clear enough that you could watch any car approach from as soon as they came over the horizon. I waxed about the central line on Grand hotel, think its great but the different versions of the left line are also worthy of great praise. Played on the halfway start of rainbow and managed to top out using my old technique which was pleasantly surprising, topping out still thuggish. Finished on Away from the numbers, my gutfelt disinterest in the line was overcome long enough to hold the crimp in rh a couple of times before we called time. Putting foot out right seems to be the way i'd do it.

Weighted myself in the last fortnight and was 80kgs. Weighted last night on different scales and was 75kgs, we'll see from here.

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