Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Took time about heading down to glendo so nearly lost the day to inertia as misty rain met me at the turn of the valley. Pushed on angrily and sat under howards roof grumpily. Realised the mist rain was so fine that things were staying relatively dry. Managed warm up circuit then straight into Nu rails as its last to dampen, last to dry. Got it only cos the weather left me few alternative problems. Turned out egg ss start was mostly dry and weathered worst of the "visible wind" by putting my hat on the most exposed hold. From standing managed to hit and hold higher right hand hold once using right heel hook low with left foot on nub below ramp. Could not repeat. Stretched right leg considerably first. Tried BBE, now putting hand higher on arete, more pinch there. Experimented with left hand being higher but it gave poor purchase for initial launch. Nice slow controlled failure. Tried pascals, feels long way off, that right gaston crank killing me. Remember low feet to start.

Weather improving the whole time, very impressive how much stayed doable. Still feel i'm progressing on at least two of these problems.

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