Monday, March 30, 2009

Holly Wood

On my way from a clagged out wicklow gap to check out the top of the valley i remembered the vague hunch on some woodland by the road. My initial hunch was wrong, between the crossroads and the monument and beyond seemed to be mostly chossy shale outcrops. Further on though (2km after monument?) a forestry track forks off upslope and after glimsping some granite i followed it. Very scalp setting with holly bushes hiding the biggest boulders. Much better granite than the scalp i think, finer grain and the boulders more distinct and yet in subtler forms, some frustratingly blank faces. Some need a lot of cleaning for perhaps little returns.

Need to return with saw, secateirs etc. Chainsaw would be brilliant.

Followed forestry road up till it crossed waterfall river and up to the hairpin bend. Found only one big chunky outcrop, more scalp like, with nice big arete on it.

The pics are all over the place, the pad/bag give scale in some but size is generally poorly shown, anything shown is worth showing, .

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