Monday, February 28, 2011

Mall Hill Magnificence

Blew off study for the day in order to take advantage of the weather and headed to mall hill. Decided to start over by on the right hill as i hadn't been in years. Warmed up nicely on 7,8,9. Found a forestry road undercutting the A-Bomb boulder which I don't remember, adding a new element of exposure. Found it difficult to try the two lines as a result but it forced me to try the slab between them that i remember we tried to no avail way back at the beginning. Was very pleased to find a delicate little way up, Half Life, we'll say 6c. From here headed up to do the crack in my runners, looked at the steep quartz crimpfest but was a little tired of quartz holds after the slab. Threw on the shoes speculatively for the great white slab above and was very pleased to be able to make it off the ground starting on the leftish side of the slab using a crucified starting stance. Could move right foot up to the right hand starting hold. Looks like if I can get the left foot up I could get established on some better feet and get pretty high.

Up to the big slopey lip by the woods, pulled on a little. Annoying ground drop away, be nice to try with a few pads and a platform. Trees coming along, need to bring a saw next time. From here headed right down to the heart of darkness which was in perfect condition, still not sure how to do it but didn't dispel the feeling that there's a doable line there. Could pull on and go but was a half hand length short of the hold. Pound for pound mall hill must have the highest proportion of worthwhile projects in wicklow.

Tried Piece de resistance going left, a very fine line. Lovely moves, the heel hook's a bomb. Could get the rh up to the little groove and got lh up to the lip a couple of times but skin was too trashed to hold it very well. Need to keep the heel on. Defo on the list of personal projects.

After the conditions in the forest i thought up by glenmac waterfall would be dry so i made a trek in just to check the line but it was wet.

Looks shit but ain't.

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