Thursday, September 8, 2011

so i have climbed since my grand announcement that I was back on the horse, but not much. various wanderings during the thesis but little enough climbing, getting out was the order of the day. did my first proper multi-pitches over in italy, 5 -6 pitches on lovely granite slabs, with some nice exposure near the top of one to keep me honest. this was mostly bolted so also served as my introduction to sport climbing. on other days did some single pitch stuff which was harder technically but the bolts tended to be generously spread. managed a 6b steep ( ie. between slab and vertical) crack on the last day which was a hard as I could do in my current dough boy state. really enjoyed the alpine stuff, found my headspace generally came very easily and enjoyed the sense of prolonged movement over rock which ireland can rarely offer. gina kept offering to go bouldering but i had no interest in going out and feeling weak as shit on 5s. also had an echo of how we felt at the fairhead meet pissing around on the boulders at the foot of such impressive cliffs. london offers neither cliffs nor boulders, so i'll see where my eyes go when i get there.

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